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Psychedelic Integration Work


Psychedelics & Trauma Work

Many people are using psychedelics and microdosing in therapy work today, which is not yet legal, so there is no information on access to providers of such services at this time. However, for those who seek out and find psychedelic-assisted therapists on their own, and who wish to delve deeper into their inquiry or integration work with a skilled clinician familiar with this territory, Liz can help.

Having had experience with the exponential and efficient healing effects of working in this way, she is able to help clients with material that is brought up in psychedelic-assisted work, as well as to help make meaning and discern action steps and life direction following such work.

Owing to impressive research findings on PTSD, mood disorders and addictions, there is a lot of optimism that the laws will change related to these substances as therapeutic aids, and that the mental health profession will begin to incorporate these medicines into the more general practice of psychotherapy before long... so stay tuned for updates in this space and in the news media on this topic.


Here is an academic article from the National Institutes for Health for more on the topic of use of psilocybin in therapy:

Clinical potential of psilocybin as a treatment for mental health conditions (

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