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Liz has provided trainings in various educational and vocational settings, including Youthcare, Navos, and Cascade Training in Seattle, and the Department of Human Services, Clatsop Community College, Astoria Parks and Recreation and Astoria Public Schools in Oregon. She is also a consult group leader for peer professionals in Seattle.

Liz is also a freelance writer, mostly covering topics related to parenting, mental health and relationships

Published Work

Liz has written the Ask A Therapist Column in the South Seattle Emerald

August 2020 in Seattle's Child magazine:

Finding Meaning During the Covid Crisis

April 2020 in Parent Map magazine:

Cultivating Empathy & Connection in the Time of Coronavirus

February 2021 Interview in the Seattle Times (with paywall):

To Heal Our Collective Trauma, We Must First Face It

Also in the South Seattle Emerald

Hell Is Other People: Surviving Your Family in Captivity

Calling Out White Supremacy in Seattle's Mental Health Establishment: One Therapist's Confession

The South Seattle Emerald is a Black-led, community-based, reader-supported outlet. Click here to support their fine workSouth Seattle Emerald | Kindful

Past Workshops

Beyond the Basics: Transformative Trauma Work;  with co-facilitator, Sally Carman, Occupational Therapist through Cascadia Training, Inc./Seattle 2019

Working with Highly Stresed People on Parenting for Navos Mental Health Consortium/Seattle 2019

Reframing Attention-Seeking Behavior for Youthcare, Inc./ Seattle 2019


"Liz provides an innovative framework for a seemingly basic concept -- promoting caring environments to reduce the negative impact of trauma exposure. This is a powerfully relevant message for any organization committed to health, healing, and well-being. Liz models the information with warmth, compassion, and clarity. I heartily recommend Liz Covey's trainings as an apt and meaningful investment for your organization."

-Margaret Frimoth, Ph.D,,
Director of Lives in Transition at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon, and founder of Victory Over Child Abuse (VOCA) camp

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